Velvet shoes

October 9, 2017

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Velvet Shoes

Hi guys!
Happy Columbus Day! We spent the day buying hay and pumpkins for our home! The girls had so much fun picking out and carrying pumpkins! I love this time of the year and canโ€™t wait for the weather to really get cool! I am absolutely obsessed with these velvet slip onโ€™s. You will see me wear them all winter long! My hat is so cute and such nice material! Also, I never get tired of these sunglasses such a staple in my everyday life. As is my top that I can also wear with sweat pants, I love how versatile it is! The jeans I have on are soooo flattering and very well priced. I absolutely love everything about them! The girls have their inexpensive fall dresses on! I think they are around $13 which I love because I donโ€™t care what they do to it. Lol ๐Ÿ˜‚ Their cute shoes are darling and are like $5 can you believe!! Awesome! I hope everyone is enjoying the start to this week! Happy fall!

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