Velvet dress

November 2,2017

Velvet dress

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pink velvet dress

Hi guys,
I really love wearing easy and comfortable things! This dress is such a soft pink and so soft! This dress is under $100 and will be on repeat all winter and fall! The shoes I am wearing are my absolute favorite, they can go with everything! I like to spend money on classic things that I will have for many years. Items that are more trendy I like to spend less. Because they will be out of style soon and I don’t like to waste money! The girls dresses are so sweet and their shoes are like $5.00!! These sweet Headbands have been on repeat since I got them and come in many colors! Happy November to you all, that means Christmas is right around the corner!! Yay!! Cold weather, hallmark movies and decoration..yes please!

Thanks for stopping by my site 😊


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