Turtle Creek Lane

April 13,2017

Hi guys! When Easter time started approaching I couldn’t think of a better place to stop by than Turtle Creek Lane for inspiration and ideas for my family! Jennifer is so very talented and kind and her home is a dream! A true fairy tale come to life! Complete with Peter rabbits home to carrots and egg decor everywhere! Marilyn Rose and Bella Jane had the best time seeing all the magic of Jennifer’s home! Jennifer is always prepared (she has 5 children πŸ™ŒπŸΌ) she made spice cake Easter baskets and bunnies that we frosted with home made frosting. We the put in her favorite edible grass and topped with jelly beans or m&m’s. Of course my littles were eating the candy by the hand full 🀣. Sorry about the mess Jennifer, we tried our best to clean up!!

I am wearing my favorite dress ! Mine is from last seasons so I linked the same brand just updated style for this year! Also, a favorite of mine are my Pink shoes I have gotten so much good use out of them! They are the prettiest blush color and go with everything! The girls Dresses are so sweet and beautiful! We topped them with the most darling Bunny aprons that are on sale! Overnight for your littles for Easter or spring!!! They are so so cute!! The girls shoes are a favorite year after year! Jennifer’s Top is a favorite of mine and so gorgeous! I am obsessed!

Happy Easter to all those hard working mommies out there! You are going to get everything done and it will be beautiful! Enjoy your children and this beautiful holiday! Spring is here which is always refreshing! Sending all my love to you all!

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