Summer Attire

July 7, 2017

Summer attire
Jumpsuit: click here Shoes:click here Earrings: click here Suitcase:click here Stroller: click here

Hi guys,
We were in Mexico at the One & Only Palmilla over the 4th of July with our girls! I love that they learn all about the beach and the ocean! it truly is a tropical paradise and I adore it there! Here are a lot of outfits we wore over the week. I absolutely am obsessed with all these pieces and will be wearing all summer long!!! The first look is traveling to the airport in the most dreamy tropical jumsuit ever! The shoes I am wearing are a favorite every year, I always order a fresh pair every summer! I am absolutely obsessed with the earrings I have on, they are an absolute must for summer! The suitcase I am traveling with is also an absolute favorite of mine at a great price! I don’t think I will ever want any other brand for travel. The stroller I am traveling with is probably one of the best purchases I have ever is around $100 and so light and easy to take the girls around the airport and travel the streets on! Has saved me a million times over!

Dress:click here Hat:click here Shoes:click here Girls Cover up: clcik here Girls swimsuits:click here

This look is so easy and fabulous at the same time! I have like 10 minutes to get ready with the girls in the morning so I love easy outfits. This dress is beyond fabulous and so flattering and breezy! Also this sun hat is awesome! So functional to move around easy with little ones, and it holds its shape, it is very well made. These jelly sandals are to die for! BEAUTIFUL!!! The girls are wearing the softest and darling cover up . It is around $15!! Their swimsuits are adorable and will be worn all summer long! On sale as well!!

Summer attire

Hat:click here Romper:click here Girls cover ups: click here

This sun hat was the most fabulous hat at the resort, if I do say so myself!! LOL It is the best ever! I use to love big floppy hats but with little ones to chase after and run after they do not work…so this hat is so functional and cute as well!! This romper is so flattering and adorable over any suit! The girls cover ups are so soft and around $15!

Two piece set: click here Sunglasses:click here Shoes:click here Girls dresses:click here Girls shoes:click here

Hi guys, this little two piece set is so cute and so much fun! I loved wearing it! The sunglasses I have been wearing all summer I absolutely love them! The click here. The shoes I have on are so great with everything. The girls dresses and their shoes have been a favorite all summer!!

Summer attire

Sun hat:click here Cover up:click here Shoes:click here

This look of course again is my favorite sun hat again!! I bought this cover up for under $100 it is sold as a poncho but it is great as a pretty cover up! My shoes are a complete favorite and are so beautiful!

Summer attire

Romper:click here Sun hat:click here Sunglasses:click here Girls swimsuits:

This look is so cute, this romper can be worn during the day or as a cover up! It is such fine material I just love it! I am wearing my favorite sun hat again and will all summer long! The sunglasses I am wearing are so light and pretty for summer!