Spring Ski

March 19, 2018

My sunglasses: click here | Bellaโ€™s Sunglasses:Click here | Bellaโ€™s headband: Click here

Spring Ski

Sunglasses: Click here | Sweater: Click here | Jeans: click here | Top: Click here | Shoes: Click here

Workout Jacket: click here | Workout bra: click here | Workout pants: click here | Workout Shoes: click here

Sunglasses: Click here Or click here

Spring Ski

Sweater: click here Or click here | Stroller: Click here Or Click here

Sweater: Click here | Sunglasses: click here | Jeans: click here |

Swimsuit: Click here | Sunglasses: click here | Girls Swimsuit:Click here

Sweater: Click here | Sunglasses: Click here | Hat: Click here | Bellaโ€™s outfit: click here and Click here and hat

Spring Ski

Hi guys,
We had the best time on spring break in Beaver Creek, Colorado. Marilyn Rose learned how to ice skate and ski a little bit and Bella tried ice skating. Nothing is sweeter than seeing my babies grow up and learn things!!! It is magical! Some of the sweaters I wore you can click here and here . For the sunglasses I wore on this trip click here and here . Two of my favorite pairs!!! My jeans are these classic laid back Leviโ€™s and for my shoes click here and click here .

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by my site!