Skin Care

August 8,2017

Skin care

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Skin care

I am beyond obsessed with this skin care company so much!! I have tried at least 10 products of theirs and I am in LOVE!! Let me tell you how surprised I am to say that because my skin is so super sensitive and I cannot use anything! By chance I was introduced to it, tried and and was pleasantly surprised! I think most if not all of it is all fragrance free and for sensitive skin! Which is a must for my skin. I adore this serum that feels velvety on my face! After applying that then I put on this insaine J LO dewy look lotion on my face that is super hydrating but dries light. It gives my skin a fabulous look all over..I am wondering where this has been my whole life! I am beyond beyond obsessed! I feel instantly pretty when I put it on!! Lol!! It is noncomedogenic, allergy tested and is formulated without artificial fragrance and colorants, alcohol, lanolin, propylene glycol, mineral oil, petrolatum and PEG’s. Another super fun product is this vital green face mist which has all sorts of green super foods in it! So when you spray on your face it’s like giving your face a drink of water! It can be used to set make up or simply through out the day as needed. Then there are these cool Caffeine wake up wipes that you can take with you on the go. Anytime you feel like your face needs a little pick me up or after a work out you can use these! I also love this mango butter stick it can be used on your lips, cheeks, or anywhere on your face!! So cool!!! The products just never end! Then we have superfruit color correcting compact which evens out the discoloration on my skin. Most all of these products are for sensitive skin, noncomedogenic, fragrance free and allergy tested! I really truely love this company and all these products!

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