Ski trip

We took a trip to Beaver Creek, Colorado for the holidays. We had such a fun time and it was very cold. It was -8 one day so we needed to be bundled up. The girls skied, ice skated, drank hot chocolate, sledded, and played in the snow. I love my Bogner ski swewater and lighter layer Bogner top that I bought up there. I also was very warm in my moon boots that come in many colors. I had no idea how warm they would be. I brought 4 pairs of boots but these were the warmest. I also, love these rabbit fur boots which are a steal!! I wore these leggings that come in many colors everyday they are high waisted and feels good on. I love this super cute sweatshirt with the rhinestones around the neck. The ski coat I am wearing is from a while ago but here is the new version. I loove it. I also love the Gorski ski jacket I have, here is the new version as well. My favorite ski pant is the Bogner elaine pant. This darling star sweater by Perfect moment is one of the hottest skiing brands right now. The girls gold coats are s great and kept them very warm and stylish while in the mountains. It is so funny because they have never had more compliments than when wearing these metallic coats. For boots they have sparkle uggs and frozen snow boots, which of course they love. I loved wearing my Celine shield sunglasses and fendi cat eye glasses. My mountain sweater is a great price and super cute and I also adore this warm fuzzy fleece I am wearing above. My favorite new winter hat is this fabulous mink one and goes great with a mink coat. One of my favorite things to do in the mountains is to get in the hot tube while its snowing or just freezing outside. It is the best! I love this Johanna Ortiz swimsuit that comes in many colors. I got these panther or snake earrings that are so great on..I love the look. The girls skied, and ice skated and had a great time and I love spending time with them and my husband. Happy New Year to you all and happy shopping!

XO, Sarah

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