Oversized coats

November 11,2018

Oversized Coats

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Oversized Coats

Hello friends! If there is one trend I love it is oversized coats like this one . Mine is from last season but I am linking tons below! The Jeans I am wearing are great and go with everything. The Shoes are a classic which are my go to over and over. My Sunglasses are so much fun and are really cute on! The girls coats are so darling and padded on the inside so it keeps my girls warm! Their Shoes are such a pretty silver dress shoe and will be worn with all their holiday dresses as well. The Tights they have on are such fine material and for their beret click there too. For some reason I canโ€™t get exact link, but it is the same brand as their outfits so just click on hats once to the website! For a round out of a bunch of my favorite oversized coats see below. Wishing everyone a good day!

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  1. kiddlywink says:

    Your girls look so cute dressed with those coats. Really nice. Would love to get them for my daughters.