New home

July 8, 2018

New home

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new home

Hi Babes!
We have moved into a new house and it is so wonderful and exciting. It has also been a beat down ๐Ÿ˜† oh my goodness! Moving is no joke! First it was packing up everything from our old house which was huge in itself. Then then move..which I should have hired more movers because it took a day and a half! To unboxing and then finally and eventually unpacking it all. And of course having to buy new furniture. It is a lot! Whew! Hopefully, we wonโ€™t have to move again anytime soon! My check list is a mile long and just when I think I have made a dent..crazy things pop up that keep my list long. Anyway, we are settling in our new little nest!! I have made the girls and I pizza today on this Pan and then we had watermelon slices! I need to order this Pizza roller because I donโ€™t have one and cutting a pizza is hard with knife! On a side note I am wearing this darling dress that is around $88 and I feel like I am going to wear it almost daily. It is a super comfortable, relaxed fit. My wedges are very comfortable and super cute. Sold out on most websites but found a link here . The girls are wearing the cutest dress which seems to be sold I am linking same brand similar click here and click here. Some of my favorite pieces I have in my kitchen are this cake stand this tea pot or this tea pot and this cute pitcher !

Happy summer everyone!


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