Jord Watches..

May 21,2017

Jord watches

Looking for the perfect Fathers day gift..I think Jord watches are perfect! I gave this watch to Daniel early because I couldn’t wait. We were heading to the Auboretum for a family spring party and I just had to show him! He loves it and will wear a lot. It’s different from a regular watch because it is all wood! So it is unique but still classy which I love! It is a super cool luxury wooden watch, especially for the man who has everything, I adore it! Go to Jord watches To see all the different styles. The exact watch I got for Daniel is right here . It has a big face which I love because Daniel is such a big guy. But also, if I plan to steal it from him I love a big face too!

I’m still laughing over these photos though because Daniel does not like to be in the pictures and is saying, “I am not a model Sarah!” Hahahah …whatevs just smile!! Seriously, enter this contest because everyone gets $25.00 off a watch and one person wins $100 off! Go now and sign up now!! Contest ends June 18,2017 at 11:59pm

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