Cozy sweater

April 26,2017
Cozy sweater

Hi guys,
I got this sweater a couple months back and I wear it non stop! It is turning out great for spring too. When it is cold in the mornings and warm in the afternoons. Also, this sweater Is on sale for under $30! It is a must! I take my girls to the grocery store every week and they love it. We are far from perfect, taking bites out of a bag of marshmallows we didn’t need. But had to buy because there was a bite mark on the marshmellow inside the bag πŸ™ˆ! Even with all the craziness that goes on with children the one thing they always need is you. I think Mothers have so much pressure on them to be perfect, nice, beautiful, pretty, kind, and conquer the world business wise.

I want to glorify Motherhood and let every mother know I know how hard it is and you are amazing! And that right there is enough! You are awesoem! There is nothing wrong with being a stay at home mom, I would not trade it for all the money in the world. Some women have to work or just want to and I totally understand! However, of you can be with your children, do! Every Mother is simply trying her best to be a great Mother. Time goes so fast and your little ones learns everything from you. They observe you and how you interact with others. You can help them to be kind and generous. The absolute most important thing above all. I think being a messy loving mother is the most beautiful thing in the world!

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