Blush dress

October 2,2017

Blush dress

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blush dress

Hi Guys,
It has been a busy week with my birthday and my precious daughter Marilyn Rose’s as well. We have birthdays one day apart which is so special and so busy at the same time. My husband had to work on my birthday and he doesn’t have much spare time right now. which I hate but I understand. So my philosophy is to buy myself a birthday dress and new shoes. I bought this fabulous dress to wear on my birthday with these insainly perfect shoes . Which will both be constantly worn! My sunglasses are so fabulous and I also wear non stop. The girls adore their dresses and want to wear them non stop! They are such a good price at $12.00 too!! The shoes they choose to wear are so cute and are a beauty and beast theme. Their headbands are so beautiful and girly. As I get older birthdays for myself just are not as fun. But buying a new dress and shoes make getting one year older a little bit better! Happy shopping all you birthday babes!

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