Beauty routine

September 1,2018

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Beauty routine

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Beauty Routine

Hi friends!
I am finally revealing my beauty routine! I always thought it was boring and that nobody would want to see it! However, I have had many requests…so here goes! Letโ€™s start with my night routine, I wash my face with ground up oats! I put some in my hand and mix with warm water. My skin is so sensitive that it is a good fit for me. Then I do my favorite witch hazel astringent with a couple dots of tea tree oil . I think when I first started using the oil it might have broke my skin out a little but once my face got use to it it is great. It keeps big cyst acne at bay too! But if I am putting on make up or it is the morning I do NOT use Tea tree oil, I just use Witch hazel . If I am doing ful make up I will put on this foundation in bisque. It is great on all skin types and leaves a natural finish. I also love this foundation as well. Then I use ecobrow and must get brush for my eyebrows. Weather I am doing full make up or just a little for everyday. I always do my eyebrows. I use a q-tip to perfect or take away any excess. Then I put on this eyeliner in coal almost everyday. Then I finish my eyes with this mascara . For a highliter on my nose and on my cheecks I love this FAB stick. OR I love this J Lo looking face lotion . Itโ€™s really pretty to use all over or just in highliter spots. Of course for one of the most important steps my Lipstick in baby and Lip liner in hip n happy. Now backing up to face lotion, in the summer I donโ€™t use any, I always get to hot and sweaty. But in the winter I love this lotion by Pai or this face oil . Neither break me out. When my hair is wet I put in a little hair oil . Then for volume and texture I love this texturizer at my roots or this dry shampoo . I use t3 micro hair dryer and curling iron . That is everything I am using now, usually my beauty products donโ€™t change much, because I like to stick with what works for me! I hope your enjoyed! Also, Sephora is having a sale starting the 3rd!

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