Pajama Book…

Pajama Book

Pajama Books

A pajama book set! Yes, please! You guys my girls are obsessed with Uni the Unicorn book ! It is a book and pajamas set!! There are different stories and different pajamas to match. How adorable is that. Plus, it makes a great gift. We read Uni the Unicorn every night and talk about it all day long. My girls love to see Uni on their pajamas too, it’s so cute! Also, they love their real life size Unicorn so much!! It is the most adorable magical unicorn any girl would adore! They like to ride on their big stuffed unicorn and pet her and kiss her and it is the softest stuffed animal too. It is pretty big in size, which is fun. The pajama set and large stuffed animal unicorn would make a great gift given together, or just a something special for your own children! We are girly girls around here and these are some of their favorites for sure.

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